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Wings Meals

  • Five Wing Meal

    This meal comes with just five whole seasoned wings.


  • Ten Wing Meal

    This meal comes with just 10 whole seasoned wings.


  • Twenty Wing Meal

    This meal comes with just 20 whole seasoned wings.


  • Jamaican Festivals



  • Honey Hot

    Our Honey Hot sauce tingles the taste buds with heat, sweetness, and a smokey balance of delicate buffalo hot flavors.


  • Buffalo Hot

    Our Buffalo Hot blend is a twist on the traditional buffalo hot wings. This sauce is influenced by Jamaican spices and flavored to create a Jamaican...


  • Caribbean Barbecue

    Our Caribbean barbecue sauce is a Jamaican-influenced blend that is created with a tropical flavor of rich, sweet, and tangy taste, that sticks to...



  • Jamaican Festivals



  • Sprite (500 ml)


  • Canned Pop (355 ml)