3MFishball Restaurant


445 McPhillips St, Winnipeg, MB R2X 2Z8, Canada

Opens at 7:00 AM

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Street Food

  • Balat (3 pcs)

    Three skewers of BBQ pork skins.


  • Flavour Fries

    Plain fries, BBQ fries flavour, cheese fries, and sour cream fries.


  • Tornado (1 pcs)

    One skewer of potato tornado.


  • Ukoy (2 pcs)


  • Fishballs (16 pcs)


  • Squidballs (6 pcs)


  • Kikiam (10 pcs)


  • Shrimpballs (6 pcs)


  • BBQ Pork (2 pcs)

    Two skewers of BBQ pork per order.


  • BBQ Isaw (3 pcs)

    Three skewers of pork isaw.


  • Adidas (3 pcs)

    Three skewers of BBQ chicken feet.


  • Betamax (3 pcs)

    Three skewers of BBQ blood.


  • Tokneneng (3 pcs)

    Three pieces of tokneneng per order.


  • Cheese Sticks (15 pcs)


  • Veggie Spring Roll (4 pcs)

    Four pieces deep-fried veggie roll.


  • Pork Lumpia (10 pcs)


  • Pork Siomai (4 pcs)


  • Kwek-Kwek (7 pcs)


  • Takoyaki (4 pcs)

    Takoyaki, baby octupus made takoyaki.


Barkada Platter Specials

  • Crispy Chicken Bucket (10)

    Bucket comes with 10 pieces crispy chicken legs and thigh combination, with a free gravy on side.


  • Seafood Platter

    1 Large Grilled Squid, 12 baked Mussels with Cheese, 1 Crispy Tilapia, 1 Large Bangus, 12 Large Spicy grilled Shrimp Comes with corn side


  • Meat Platter

    3 quarter legs Chicken Inasal, 2 grilled porkchop, 1 lbs grilled belly, 1 embotido with con on side


  • Barkada Platter Street Food

    Choose 8 types of street food

    Sold Out

Pinoy All-Day Breakfast

Filipino breakfast is available to serve all day.

  • Overload Breakfast

    Three eggs, beef tapa, pork tocino, four pieces of springroll with fried rice.


  • Calamari-Silog


  • Fried Siomai Silog

    Fried siomai silog comes with two eggs and garlic fried rice.


  • Shrimp Silog

    Eight pieces shrimps with two eggs and garlic fried rice.


  • Tilapia-Silog

    Tilapia-silog comes with one whole tilapia, two eggs, and garlic fried rice.


  • Tapsilog

    Two eggs, thin slice cured beef marinated with garlic, and spices.


  • Longsilog

    Two eggs, homemade pork sausages made with garlic, salt and spices.


  • Tocilog

    Two eggs, sweet cured meat made from the pork belly, savory and tenders.


  • Chicksilog

    Two eggs and one extra crispy chicken with rice.


  • Bangsilog (Small)

    Two eggs, small whole crispy milk fish traditionally marinated with spices.


  • Bangsilog (Large Bangus)

    Two eggs and large whole crispy milkfish traditionally marinated with spices.


  • Sisig Silog

    Comes with two eggs and fried rice.


  • Bagnet Silog

    Two eggs, crispy fried pork belly, marinated made with spices.


  • Porkchop Silog

    Two eggs, crispy porkchop, traditionally marinated with spices.


  • Lupiang Gulay (Veggie Spring Roll)

    4 pcs fried veggie roll, two eggs, and fried rice.


  • Pork Lumpia Silog

    Eight pieces pork springroll and two eggs with fried rice.


  • Overload Breakfast

    Choose two all-day breakfast type with three eggs, four spring rolls and garlic fried rice.


  • Hotdog silog

    Two jumbo hotdog with two eggs and fried rice.


Grilled and Lunch Specials

Lunch special combinations.

  • Chicken Inasal

    Chicken BBQ marinated comes with java rice.


  • Sizzling Marinated Pork Belly

    Marinated BBQ belly, comes with mixed veggie, java rice.


  • Sizzling Marinated PorkChop

    Marinated BBQ porkchop, mixed veggie, and Java rice.


  • Sizzling Pork barbecue

    Comes with three BBQ, mixed veggie, and Java rice.


  • Shrimp Tempura

    Deep-fried shrimp and mix veggie with java rice.


  • Spicy Kalbi

    BBQ spicy Beef, comes with mix veggie and Java rice.


  • Sizzling Sisig

    Sizzling sisig comes two eggs with java rice.


  • Butterfly Squid

    Comes with java rice and mix veggies


Smooth Drinks and Icy

  • Bubble Tea

    We have few different Flavours to choose from, Taro, Coconut, Mango, Strawberry, Melon, Matcha


  • Double Chocolate Chips

    Creamy blended chocolate chips with choco syrup


  • Halo-Halo

    Halo-halo comes with red beans, nata, macapuno banana (saba), jackfruit chunks, milk, toppings with vanilla ice cream, Leche flan, and cream cheese...


  • Ice Scramble

    Comes with marshmallows, springkles and chocolate syrup.


  • Sago't Gulaman

    Special Filipino drink that comes with tapioca pearls and jelly.


  • Sweet Corn


  • Taho

    Hot tofu desserts


  • Softdrinks

    Canned drink.



  • Fried Rice


  • Java Rice


  • Plain Rice


  • Leche Flan


  • Sauce Bottle Sweet (12 oz)


  • Sauce Bottle Sweet n' Spicy (12 oz)


  • Fishball 1200g Large Pack (Frozen)


  • Kikiam 845g Large Pack (Frozen)


  • Kikiam small 345g (frozen)


  • Fishball 575g small pack (frozen)


  • Butterfly Only


Soup Specials

  • Pares Mami

    Traditional Beef Pares Soup broth with noodles and beef chunck. Good for 1-2 person servings


  • Lomi Overload

    Comes with shrimp porkmeat chicken liver with its savory sauce drop with egg


  • Goto Overload

    Comes with beef tripes intestines heart and beef tendons with a chuncky oxtail and egg


  • Goto Batanggas

    Bataggas soup base Serve with white rice on the side


  • 8oz bulalo Soup Only